Mission-critical IT applications and high-value operations are a challenge to any organization, especially when there is limited IT Budget and you require inhouse technical and infrastructure resources. 

By adopting OSE customised service hosting solutions, you will inherit our reliable infrastructure and application expertise to keep your mission-critical operations running smoothly.

Our Service Hosting minimizes startup and maintenance costs, while we provide secure, efficient and compliant data management and assurance in information availability, redundancy and flexibilty for new changes. 

Server & Services Setup

We provide fully service hosting that include hardware, operating system, database, security, monitoring, uptime and availability.
You can consult with us for free, so we together can customize our services and computing resources only to ensure that we meet your IT and business specific needs that deliver the performance and scalability you need with a lower total cost. 

We are flexible for you, we can completely maintain your operating system, security, networking policies, and applications, or you can have control over them and we will support you.

Managing and monitoring IT Infrastructures requires experienced, skilled and trained staff. Taking in consideration the cost of technical expertise, our monitoring and support services provide you a reliable and cost effective solution by ensuring you a high availability and performance monitoring with server and software support. 

We make sure your server/software has the latest security updates and patches on a regular basis. Our experts continuously monitor security trends, vulnerabilities, alerts & software version updates. On daily, weekly, monthly basis, we ensure your system is updated will latest software versions and safest standards. 

Our flexible service hosting model gives you the expertise you need to manage and tune your systems/databases so you can focus on your business instead of managing servers.

Our infrastructure is built with highest technical standards. We use best-practices on implementation of security measures to ensure and secure the integrity of our infrastructure and your reputation. We harden and optimize your system in order to avoid any potential security flaws. 

Nightly, weekly or monthly Backups that depends how mission-critical is your service. Together we can build a strategy so you can have the best business continuity management system. Your source code, application's database and files are safely and securely backed up onsite and offsite.

If your interested on our services please contact us
and we will get back to you.

Our Process


Initiate a contact with us so we can listen you and understand better your purpose, needs, goals and see where we can help.


Using the information gathered we will review it and make a project proposal for you. We can tweak it until we have an agreement.


Based on project plan and agreement we will begin with design/developing the solution. During this time together we will to test the solution to meet requirements.


Following will be deployment of the solution and delivery of any materials. We can transfer the knowledge to maintain the system yourself or we can do it for you.